15 February 2011

Poetry about Sosúa

Recently, a funny book about the behaviour of the Dominicans and in particular on the characteristics of the people of Sosúa came out.
Christian and his wife
Christian and his wife
The author is a Christian Hugo, from Germany and for three years a resident in Cabarete. In his homeland, he was a teacher of foreign languages, and now he enjoys his well-deserved retirement but he still teaches English and German in the Casa Goethe Institute in Sosúa. Christian is also a good observer, and in those three years he has observed his surroundings and well summarized his impressions in a book. He describes the characteristics of the Dominicans and the bad habits of the foreigners who want to start a living in paradise. He does that with funny anecdotes, beautiful color illustrations and short poems. The book is available on various Internet sites for 9 Euro. But you can also buy the book at various German businesses in Sosúa.
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